​It is normally hard to process such monumental moments as these – comebacks of the like Liverpool completed against Barcelona at Anfield on Tuesday night do not come around very often. No siree.

Thankfully, in the age of social media, we have everything we would ever need to process such incredible moments of footballing magic, before and after. And it was in this after when we saw the true celebrations. 

Yes, there was the awe-inspiring, spine-tingling, reverberating recital of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ upon the final whistle, but what happened next? 

Well, the ​Liverpool players went back into the same home dressing room that in the pre-game served as incubator for the incomparable belief they showed on the pitch, and they celebrated. Hard. Here are some of the best reactions:

Sure, it’s not the verite-style, selfie format we’ve come to love on social media – we’ll get to that – but this video from the club’s own social media channels is still pretty special, if only for the sheer disbelief in Trent Alexander-Arnold’s face. Yeah, you can take or leave the Dejan Lovren dance at the end, but unfortunately he will figure heavily here, despite not playing a minute in either leg.

Before we get to Lovren hour, though, have Daniel Sturridge, Rhian Brewster and ​Jordan Henderson singing along to Future. Because, well, why not?

We may as well get the ​Lovren corner out of the way now. Yes it involves Instagram live. Yes there is a call back to him saying he’s the best defender in the world and YES there is some needlessly exposed nudity…

​​Need some cleansing post-Dejan? Well, how about we finish with some life-affirming scenes between unsung hero Alisson Becker and a member of the backroom staff? Not sure why he’s screaming ‘Top!’, or if that is actually what he’s saying, but it’s sweet:

Top stuff.

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